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Chorlton Cheesemongers

Westray Bakehouse Crackers

Westray Bakehouse Crackers

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Traditionally made since 1885, crunchy and satisfying.

Westray Bakehouse, Gill Pier, Orkney, Scotland

We discovered this fantastic bakery when looking for other products from the locality of one of our favourite cheeses, The Westray Wife.


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Made with great local Scottish ingredients, we have two of our favourite crackers from their range:

Beremeal Crackers - The Bakehouse's own special recipe not found anywhere else. A crunchy hard biscuit for cheese with a distinctive nutty flavour from the roasted ancient barley called "Bere" that is grown in Orkney and milled at the Barony Mill in Birsay on the Orkney mainland. These have a fantastic texture.

Water Biscuits - Water biscuits like no others we've tried - A thicker, crisp, robust biscuit for cheese, adapted from an old family recipe by Duncan (4th generation family baker), they remind us of Bath Olivers


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Allergens: Gluten

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