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Chorlton Cheesemongers

Westcombe Charcuterie

Westcombe Charcuterie

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Traditionally made, hearty, earthy cured meats from a master dairy.

Made & Cured by Paul Burton at Lower Westcombe Farm, Evercreech, Somerset.


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We’re very pleased to be able to bring you these brilliant preserved meat’s to complement your cheese board. All made on the Farm, Westcombe’s Charcuterie has been referred to as ‘Squaring the Circle’ - whey from Cheddar production feeds the Pigs that in turn fertilise the grazing Pasture and produce the cured meats. The care and skill that goes into Westcombe’s cheddar and Duckett’s Caerphilly shines through in these classic meats.

To chose from -

Traditional Saucisson - French style salami, soft and silky, peppery and earthy

Finocchiona - A salami seasoned with wild fennel and peperochino chilli. Warming and not hot

Sobrasada - This Menorquin style sausage is packed with smokey pimenton. A warming, spreadable ‘chorizo’, fantastic on bread or crackers. Price is per half

Pomona - a firm textured sausage cured meat with whole peppercorns and Westcountry Apple liqueur


Available for Collection, Local & Nationwide delivery


Allergens: Sulphites

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