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Querubi Olive Oil

Querubi Olive Oil

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A unique organic Olive Oil from the French Pyrenees

Peppery and herbal, this extra virgin single crop olive oil is exceptional. The best we have tasted yet.

Grown, harvested and pressed Domaine de Querubi, Mas de Cubris, Castelnou, France


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Querubi harvest their olives early (beginning to mid-October), just before the olives turn from deep green to green brown. This is the moment that decides if an oil will have a characteristic green grassy herby peppery taste - If the harvest waits too long the oil loses this aspect, if too early we get too much of it. A lot of oil producers wait much longer to harvest their olives. The longer they wait, the higher the oil content of the olive will be, but the more “bite” the oil will lose.

When Querubi harvest early, they get around 10-12% of oil out of an olive (waiting longer you will finally get around 20%.) Since they produce purely for quality and definitely not for yield, they stick to early harvest for the best balance of green rich flavours.


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May contain traces of nuts and seeds

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