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Chorlton Cheesemongers

Parmigiano Reggiano San Pietro (24 month)

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Deep savoury rich and warming - one of the best Parmesans we've tasted.

Raw cow's milk, traditional animal rennet

Made by the Libbras family and matured by Giorgio Cravero in Bra, north west Italy.

Allergens: Milk

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Some cheeses simply cannot be made in Britian and Ireland and this Parmigiano is one such example. This exceptional cheese is matured by 5th generation maturers. The makers still work to produce small amounts, only 6 a day. There is joy to handling a full parmigiano and to be taught the gentle process of opening one by Giorgio himself is a lesson in care and respect, it also teaches you to appreciate the meaning of ‘slow food’ and what that means in its production and care.


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Allergens: Milk