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Chorlton Cheesemongers

Oil & Vinegars

Oil & Vinegars

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To accompany your Mediterranean cheeseboards and Anti Pasti, a selection of oils and vinegars.

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Calvia Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil - made by Paul & Carol Wain, Great Tidnock Farm, Macclesfield 500ml

Natural Umber Organic Cheshire Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

Balsamic Drizzle - made by Cheshire Chutney, Ellesmere Port 500ml

Potash Farm Nut Oils

Potash Farm is close to the village of St Mary’s Platt in Kent, in a region renowned for cobnut and hop growing. The plantation, started around 1900 has been restored over the past 5 years and harvesting from 500 original trees and supplemented with 500 newer ones. The grower, Alexander Hunt, has lived in the village for 50 years and took over the plantation 25 years ago.

We proud to be selling two great oils -

Walnut Oil - A rich, deep flavoured oil. Ideal for salads to bring full bodied depth to the food. Can also be used in baking as a flavouring. 250ml

Cobnut Oil - Light and clean, with a delicate cobnut taste very similar to hazelnuts. Autumnal in taste. 250ml


Available for Collection & Local delivery only


Allergens: Nuts (Potash Oils), Sulphites (from Vinegar) (Balsamic Drizzle, Natural Umber)

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