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Chorlton Cheesemongers



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Soft, deeply savoury and nutty with a gentle washed rind. A very addictive cheese.

Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet

Made by Giana Ferguson at Schull, West Cork.

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Gubbeen is a farm that is committed to producing high quality food directly from their land with the whole Ferguson family involved from salad and fruit production, to charcuterie from their pigs and, of course, the cheese itself. Washed rind Cheeses, even more so than others, are defined by the flora of their environment; the rinds’ flavour grows from the culture of the wooden shelves they sit on combined with the atmosphere of the maturing rooms. To obtain Gubbeen's distinctive flavour white wine is used in the intial wash. Works well with a fruity Merlot.


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Allergens: Milk

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