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Cornish Yarg - Special Recipe

Cornish Yarg - Special Recipe

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Light textured, soft and dryish with creamy breakdown below the rind. A mild, yoghurty cheese.

Pasteurised cow's milk, traditional animal rennet

Made by Catherine Mead & Dane Hopkins at Lynher Dairies, nr Truro, Cornwall.

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This is a special recipe Yarg, made exclusively for Neals Yard Dairy using single source milk, and traditional rennet, pressed in a deeper mold to allow the cheese to mature further. This modern cheese created in the 1980's by Alan Gray (hint there as to where the name came from) is renowned for it's nettle covered rind and the delicate white mould that develops between the leaves during its 6 weeks maturation. The hint of mushroom works beautifully with the dry texture and creamy breakdown below the nettles.


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Allergens: Milk

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