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Chorlton Cheesemongers

Comté Marcel Petite

Comté Marcel Petite

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Highest quality, smooth and nutty cave aged Comté Extra from Forte Saint Antoine, Jura, Eastern France.

Made by The Marcel Petite Fruitieres, matured Fortes St Antoine.

Cow's Milk, Raw.


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Marcel Petite first conceived of his philosophy of simplicity in the 1960’s, during an era that favored over-manipulation of agricultural practices. At the Fort Saint Antoine, Petite imagined “Affinage Lent” (Slow Maturing) or rather, how to resist the urge of the times and do less. He engaged the company in organic farming and allowed nature, place and season to guide his affinage.

Today, the practices of Maison Petite remain true to its founder’s innovative philosophy of simplicity above all things.

One of the only of our cheeses from outside the British Isles, this highest grade Comté earning it the accolade of ‘Extra’, is a well loved addition to our counter.


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Allergens: Milk

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