Our Environment

Our Aims:

Sustainable. Ethical. Environmental.

One of the biggest reasons we love working in the way we do, is it allows us to implement our passion for the environment, and connect as closely as possible to nature.

This means working only with small cheese and other food producers that have some of the highest standards of Animal Welfare and Land & Soil Management, with sustainable and ethical farming at their core.

None of our products come from intensive farming or mass production.

We were thrilled to be recognised in 2021 for our sustainability work, when we were voted by customers, peers and industry as one of the 20 most inspirational cheese retailers in the UK, named as Speciality Food Magazine's 'Eco Warrior'.

We are constantly looking at ways we can lessen our own Environmental impact and carbon footprint, and will be working with our suppliers, producers and landlord to make further reductions every year.

Some of the things we already have in place:

  • Eliminating single use plastic. All our bags and fresh cheese pots come from Greenman Packaging and are certified Bio-Degradable within 12 weeks - we will only offer you paper bags and cornstarch pots - and we encourage you to bring your own bags too!

  • Zero Carbon, car-free local deliveries with Chorlton Bike Deliveries.

  • Our Electricity is bought through Ecotricity a supplier that guarantees 100% renewable sources, and re-invests profits in building new wind generators.

  • Our chiller units are highly efficient low energy static coil evaporators, which also are much quieter meaning less noise pollution for the environment…..and for our neighbours!

  • We act as a hub for some of our suppliers - when they deliver to us, they also drop off products for other members in our network, thus reducing each of our fuel usage and carbon footprints.

  • We use environmental cleaning products wherever we can, reducing the amount of chemicals used to maintain our hygiene standards.

  • Waste reduction - we reduce first, re-use as much as we can, and recycle everything else that can be. We always aim to generate as little waste as we can. When we do have to throw things away, our waste is processed by B&M Waste services, a Carbon Neutral+ Recycling and waste processing company.

  • Offering surplus boxes, trays & wooden packing crates to other local businesses, up-cyclers or hobbyists - if you're looking for other types of packaging let us know.

  • We are big advocates of the Slow Food Movement - A global food movement promoting traditional non-intensive farming and production, with focus on local communities, and commitment to the environment.

  • Cling Film - we are always seeking effective alternatives for cling wrap, something which is a challenge in the food industry. We will only use it where there isn’t a possible alternative, to ensure our Cheese is in top condition and reduce food waste.

  • We offer you zero packaging where we can - you are welcome to bring your own containers for deli goods, we sell loose eggs, and we have re-usable glass bottles for our refill organic milk.

  • We have deposit & return system for some of our Jars.

  • Yearly sustainability audit.

In the pipeline:

  • Using waste heat from our Chiller units to heat our water, and tasting room.

  • Solar energy capture


Our Environment and community is incredibly important to us - we have lots of plans for the future, but we’d also love to hear any ideas from you how we can improve.

And if you’d like any further information on any of the above please get in touch.