Cheese Care

Looking after your cheese at home.

When our cheese goes on the counter it’s at its best and ready for eating; you can enjoy it like that for a good 7-10 days. To ensure it stays like that, here are few tips.

• Keep it cool - the salad drawer in your fridge is great as moisture stays trapped, stopping the cheese from drying out (Be careful not to store strong veg such as onions close by as it will pick up the flavour).

• You can also keep it in a cool cellar, garage or shed. If you do this, keep it wrapped and place it in a plastic box to create a humid atmosphere.

• Ideally, Keep the cheese wrapped in the natural wax paper you bought it from us in. We're always happy to give you some spare paper to re-wrap - just ask if you'd like some.

 Cling film will stop the cheese ‘breathing’ and can cause a build-up of moisture under the film which can let mould grow. If you do use cling film, give the cheese surface a gentle scrape before serving to remove any sheen, which can cause bitterness. 

And to serve…

• Cheese improves with some warmth - it allows all the richness of flavour, and more subtle tones to come through, and textures to relax - so take it out of the fridge or cold storage and bring it up to room temperature - a couple of hours is ideal, but it'll really benefit from even 15-20 minutes.