Poutine Recipe - Canada Day

Poutine Recipe - Canada Day

This dish's popularity started in Quebec in the 1950s and has become the adopted national dish of Canada. It's hearty, satisfying, comfort food that you can sink into - we love it at any time of year!

Possibly one of our easiest cheese recipes:


  • Chips – Some suggest thin so the gravy and cheese can get mixed in better, some say fat cut because they just taste better.
  • Gravy – Rich, thick, brown gravy – No messing about with this! Big beefy flavour is good, though a vegetarian onion gravy, thickened and maybe filled out further with Marmite will do just as well.
  • Cheese Curds – A handful (100g) of Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Curds per portion


Cook your chips, put them in bowl, salt them, pour over the gravy, mix it up, throw on the cheese curds, mix it in. For extra melt, put under a hot grill for a couple of minutes.

Eat & Enjoy........!

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