Cheese & Beer night with Lock 91 & Marble Brewery

Cheese & Beer night with Lock 91 & Marble Brewery

Join us as we team up with Lock 91, an independent and friendly bar by the canal in central Manchester and Marble Brewery to bring you one of our unique evenings of beer and cheese.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary Marble Beers started out at the distinctive Marble Arch pub on Oldham road and has a great reputation for brewing traditional and contemporary beers. 

We have been brought together by Lock 91 to discover some exciting taste combinations and new ways to experience our cheese.

The brewery has a broad selection of beers ranging from traditional brews such as their Manchester Bitter and Marble Stout through to more intense flavoured beers like their unique IPA, North-South Petit and Decadence, a 10.5% dark beer with hints of chocolate and coffee. 

But which ones to choose? Tuesday saw the brewery dropping off 10 beers for our cheesemongers to work through and come up with some ideas. 

It's a tough job!

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